Acidified Foods Processing (FDA Approved)


This course is authored by a collaboration between USU Extension and the Retail-foodservice food safety consortium. Designed for acid and acidified foods operators packing foods manually. The course does not cover the use of automated fillers, cappers, and pasteurization equipment.

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This course is intended to provide food safety knowledge and understanding regarding acid foods, acidified foods, and fermented foods that are packaged, jarred, or canned. The course has been specifically written for non-automated packaging operators. This course is not designed for operators that use automated fillers, cappers, and pasteurization equipment.

Operators processing acidified foods must be under the operating supervision of a person who has completed a course  covering food-handling techniques, food-protection principles, personnel hygiene, sanitation, pH controls and critical factors in acidification. This course has been reviewed by the FDA per mandates in 21 CFR 114.

Operators processing and packaging acid, fermented acid, or refrigerated acid foods should also complete this course. It will help processing supervisors meet the FDA requirements in §21 CFR 117.4 “Receive training in the principles of food hygiene and food safety, including the importance of employee health and personal hygiene, as appropriate to the food, the facility and the supervisor’s assigned duties”.



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