Avoiding and Remedying Abiotic Injury of Trees


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An abiotic disorder of a plant is considered a disease, but the cause is a non-living factor (abiotic), such as poor nutrition, sunscald, winter injury, misapplication of a chemical, planting depth, and more. It is imperative to recognize the difference between an abiotic and biotic (disease caused by a fungus, bacteria, or virus) disease so that a pesticide is not mistakenly applied.

This one-hour course is designed not only for landscape and ornamental pesticide applicators, but for anyone that grows or manages woody plants. Most content is focused on ornamental trees and shrubs, with some information that applies to crop trees (fruits, nuts).

The following subjects are covered:

  • Understanding the difference between abiotic and biotic diseases
  • Diagnosing abiotic diseases
  • How stress (abiotic factors) affect trees
  • Examples (with multiple images) showing abiotic diseases caused by weather, chemicals, physical/mechanical factors, and soil conditions. Some management practices for remediation are also included.
  • Two sample diagnoses

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