1) Transitioning Toward A More Circular Economy


The resource-depleting nature of our linear economy has had a major environmental impact over the past century.  Understanding that the planet’s resources are finite in nature has prompted a shift toward a circular economy. The materials used in the products we create are reintroduced into the supply chain to minimize the natural resources needed to create new products diverting usable materials away from landfills.  This course will look at the circular economy’s various steps and address issues and solutions in each step. Students who complete the course will: understand material selection issues for extraction and recycling, design and manufacturing theories; educate the consumer on product end-of-life processes, concepts of repair and reuse programs, and the impact of recycling/land-filling of products; and have an introduction to future technologies and theories for improving the circular economy as a better way to do business and protect the outdoor spaces necessary for the outdoor industry to thrive.