Design 4 Everyone: Advanced Landscape Design Process


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Landscape design can be an exciting process—one that is both creative as well as functional. However, it can also be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. The Design-4-Everyone Advanced Landscape Design Process course teaches the landscape design process through four interrelated steps. These four steps will help you: understand your property, develop a vision and goals for your landscape, generate ideas and solutions, and understand your options for implementation.

This course teaches landscape design by taking you through the landscape design process using an actual residential home. The course is organized into a series of modules complete with readings, demonstration videos, and required homework assignments. These assignments allow you to apply the knowledge gained in each module to your own property or project.

After you have successfully completed all the assignments and course modules, you will be eligible to schedule a one-on-one design critique with one of the instructors or a landscape architecture student intern over Zoom. This will provide you with an opportunity to review your ideas and receive feedback on your design.