Good Manufacturing Practices for Human Foods


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Good Manufacturing Practice policies are mandated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for all food manufacturers, regardless of size.  GMPs are an operation’s foundational food safety program.  This course will address the content of 21 CFR 117 Part B, namely, food safety related to personnel, buildings & facilities, equipment & utensils, production (sanitation and site services), and processing controls.  The last module compares some of the foundational food safety requirements of the USDA to FDA.  The course will take approximately 8 hours to complete.  You will receive a Mastery Certificate in GMPs (for Foods) by passing the module quizzes with a total score of 80% or better.  You can retake quizzes up to three times to “master” the learning objectives.  Mastering the course will make you “qualified” in GMPs for Food in the eyes of the FDA and the food industry.