PowerPay Money Master Online Course


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The PowerPay Money Master Online Course is designed to teach real-life money smarts regarding your personal financial vision, money personality, tracking expenses, budgeting, managing debt, understanding credit, and saving money. Bonus module topics include insurance, investing, and homeownership.

Customer Testimonials

“Even if you think you have a pretty good handle on and understanding of money, this course is valuable. I have taken personal finance courses before and still learned and found things readily applicable to me and our household financial standing. Everyone needs it! One of my big takeaways from this course was that the information helped me to realize where my money mindset needed some course correction. It’s a course worth repeating every couple of years even. Thank you USU Extension for creating and offering this course!! WELL DONE!”

“The course was excellent. I especially liked how it helped me identify my WHY. Motivation as to why people should care about something like this is always a hurdle, and I feel like that part of this program was really good.”

“I learned a lot about personal finance, and modern financial literacy.”

“Updating my current budget and realizing I had more I could be saving. It was empowering to realize how much I spent and what I could be saving. It also opened a lot of conversations with my spouse about how/where we spend our money.”