Desert Explorations


Join Utah Master Naturalist as we explore Utah’s deserts in this self-paced, interactive online course. You’ll learn about desert geology, climate, ecology, and human history, which will have you planning a trip to the nearest desert destination!

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Utah Master Naturalist Desert Explorations is a self-paced, online course that invites participants from Utah and beyond to expand their naturalist knowledge about Utah’s desert ecosystems. During the course, participants explore a variety of introductory topics about Utah’s deserts, including regions and communities, geology, plant and animal adaptations, and human history. Participants who complete this course, along with one Desert Explorations field course, will certify as Utah Master Naturalists in Deserts. Certification as a Utah Master Naturalist demonstrates that participants have the essential scientific knowledge and skills to have a positive impact on their natural world and to share their knowledge with others in their community.


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