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The Work@Health® employer-training program is an initiative of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to promote workplace wellness. This 6–8 week online course provides employer education, training, and technical assistance. Work@Health® is designed to train employers and other participants how to establish, expand and improve science- and practice-based health promotion strategies that will lead to specific, measurable means to reduce chronic disease rates in the workplace.

Work@Health® training provides employers with the knowledge and tools to promote good health in their work places to prevent or reduce chronic illness and disability, thereby improving productivity and the competitiveness of employers participating in this training program. The Employer Core Training Program combines web-based and *in-person training by certified trainers. It uses a science-based employer training curricula, and is targeted to employers of various sizes, geographic distribution, and industries. In order to qualify for the Work@Health® training, employers must have headquarters in the United States; must employ at least 20 employees, and must provide health insurance. Please contact Emma Parkhurst if you are interested in participating in the next cohort at

Once you have completed this 8-module course you will receive a certificate of completion. Program participants receive a variety of benefits, including a complete health and safety assessment of their organization, professional training to learn how to develop a worksite health intervention plan to meet individual employer needs, and a safer and healthier work environment at the end of the program.

*Due to COVID–19, the in-person session will be held via live webinar.