Berry Eating Insects and Raspberry Eating Pests


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This course focuses on key fruit-feeding insects of raspberry and related berry crops for the commercial and home producer. Early-season fruit-feeders include western flower thrips and lygus bug, while later-season fruit-eaters include stink bugs, European earwig, European paper wasp, and several species of grasshopper. This course helps you identify and diagnose the different types of fruit-injuring insects, and provides integrated pest management recommendations to support sustainable production. A second component discusses the three primary cane-boring insects in the Intermountain West, raspberry horntail, raspberry crown borer, and rose stem girdler. Utah-based research results are provided on raspberry horntail biology and life cycle, prediction of adult emergence and egg-laying period, biological control, management options, and susceptibility of raspberry cultivars to this insect. Finally, online resources for raspberry pest management are presented.